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Interactive Displays & Touch Technology

These products are all about engaging your target audience. It has been proven that when a potential customer is able to interact with your products and brand, they are more likely to remember that experience which leads to more positive brand awareness and sales.

This is why we have invested a lot of money into this area of our business. We have a range of touchscreen solutions which utilise both single and multi touch technologies. Our single panel screen stock starts from the small 22” version through to the eye catching 103” .

If you are looking for something that is interactive and not a screen. We have solutions such as Interactive tables and i-bars. These two particular products can be customised to your brand message with specifically designed bespoke branded content.

We have found in particular that our exhibition based clients have found interactive technology very effective in drawing people to their stands, but that doesn't mean touchscreens are not suited for other event applications as well. We are happy to make advise on what product is going to work best for each.

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